Friday, October 05, 2007

pitchers tuck by buddy don: the view frum fairymount

i finely gut sum of them pitchers to uplode, but i gut a long way to go yet. i figgerd i wood start by showin ye how thangs looked frum fairymount whar we wuz a'stayin. heres a few of em:

them pitchers gives ye purty near the full 360 deegrees round the place. as ye kin see, tiz everythang ye here ireland is spozed to be, witch by that i mean green, rural n lookin lack tiz fixin to rain. corse, taint all rural n rainy by no means, witch i will show ye sum pitchers to proov that by n by.

heres the vue cummin up the drive to the cottage whar we stayd:

n this heres the ackshul cottage:

meanwhile, i thought ye mite lack to read a cuple of lil aneckdotes bout how nice them irish folks wuz (thar by far the best thang bout thar wunderfull cuntry).

one of the times me n miz bd wuz drivin to dublin n back to pick folks up or drop em off, we gut to whar we wuz a'gone half to pee. we wuz feelin bad on a counta we had been tole a bidy could drive to dublin in 90 mints, witch we couldnt doot in under about 150 at bes. so we wuz alreddy runnin way late.

but when ye gut to go, ye gut to go, so we pullt over in naas (pernounced to rhyme with mace) n wint into a grossry store. once we gut in, i wint over to a yung lady that wuz runnin one of the cash registers n ast her could i use her rest room. she looked at me lack i wuz the one with the ackcent n said, 'I'm terribly sorry, sir, but if you wish to rest, you'll have to go elsewhere." she could see the look of panick on my face, so she ast me whut did i rilly wont? i sed i wuz despert to pee, witch made her laff n say whut i needed wuz a toilet, witch she showd me how to git to thars ... jes in time!

on a nuther of them drives to dublin n back, we gut a lil off the beaten track by acksident, drivin down the east coast far a nuff to see the irish sea, witch jack sed twuz the hi lite of the drive frum dublin back to birr n ballingarry.

but we wuz a lil lost, so i pullt over to a nuther grossry store n wint in to git die-reckshuns. i spotted a feller with his hands full of items he wuz fixin to buy n ast him could he tell me how to git to roscrea, witch i pernounced it the way it looked to me as "rose cree."

he anserd that he hattent never herd of it n dint know whar twuz. i ast im wudnt it one of the major towns of the midlands? he laffd n ast me could i mean "ross cray"? i tole im i shore did, probly, so he ast me did i have a map. i tole im we had a bad map out in the car, so he tuck his stuff n found a place to putt it n splaind to the perprietor of the grossry that he wood cum rite back.

we walked out to the car n showd im our map, witch he sed we wuz rite bout it bein a bad map. so he putt his fangers to his chin n looked n thunk fer a bit n then tole me how i orta to go to git to the naas (rhymes with mace) rode. i tole im i shore did preciate his hep, but he tole me i had to reepeat them die-reckshuns, witch i coulda swore i had em, but when i wuz dun reecitin em back to im, he sed that i wood git lost if i follerd em. so he tole me agin n made me reepeat whut he had sed till i gut it jes rite.

point is, ye caint find nicer folks. he wuz shoppin n i innerupted im. ifn the same thang hadda tuck place in new york, i kin damn betcha he wood not have dropped everthang to go hep a turst.

well, maybe he wood ifn he hadda been irish, witch ye probly know thays more irish in new york than in inny other city in the worl.

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red molly said...

Hey buddy don, I have been enjoying your Ireland trip stories and photos. We are about to take a trip to France in a little over a week and looking at your photos and hearing your stories makes me kind of wish we were headed towards Ireland instead of France. Maybe next year. I agree with you about the friendliness of the folks in Ireland. Your stories are reminiscent of some of my memories of our visit to Ireland.

Tennessee Jed said...

I think the faeries were working to keep the photos from us, but your persistence whipped them. Thanks for sharing.

I got a poem for you world travelers:

I Ain't ever been to Ireland.
I've never been to France.
It's all I can do to
afford intact pants.
Reading your journals and
viewing your film advance
is as close as I will come
to the world traveler dance.