Thursday, October 04, 2007

frustrayshun of buddy don: caint git them pitchers to uplode

i wuz hopin to show ye sum pitchers of birr n fariymount out near ballingarry, but i caint git smugmug to uplode no pitchers. ye wooda been able to see how far out in the cuntry we wuz, witch we wuz even able to see the stars, sumthin ye dont git much chants to do up here in the nyc area.

i am lookin into sum other method of gittin them pitchers to lode, but i wont have time to do much with em today.

yesterdy wuz my furst day back at wurk n i have to say twuz a deelite. bof me n miz bd wuz sprized how grate it felt to git back into the swang of thangs agin.

i hope to have sum pitchers to show ye by n by ...

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