Monday, December 11, 2006

pitchers tuck by buddy don: lucky acksidents

i aint fallin fer the thang i found on blogger this mornin, witch it claims thays a new vershun of blogger that i am spozed to use. thonly thang thats changin is i half to login usin my google account, witch they make the ass sumpshun that i have one.

mayhap in the mornin i will try that. meanwhile, heres sum pitchers i tuck. ever one of em has sumthin ye could say is rong, manely on a counta havin too lil lite or havin em no in focus, but i kindly lack how they cum out ...

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Anonymous said...

Nice accidents!

I switched to blogger beta a few weeks ago and all in all it works much better. I have had a gmail account for most of a year and it is by far the best webmail client I have ever used, even better than my isp provides. One fishy thing about it is you have to activate it by a text to your cell phone which makes me wonder if they are collecting them for a list for sale somewhere.