Friday, December 15, 2006

nuther early start of buddy don: power agenda take 2

fer the most part, i luv publick transportayshun. i pay $73 a munth fer my bus pass n that takes keer of purt near all the transport costs i ever have, ceptn ifn we rent a car to go on a vacayshun.

but thays times when ye feel lack yer a hostage. yesterdy i wonted to ketch the 6:48 or the 7:00 or the 7:10 or the 7:20, but no bus cum till 7:25, n then twuz full to the brim with folk. i squeezed into the sardine can n rode to wurk standin up, gittin thar slow lack on a counta thay had been a acksident blockin traffick.

i wonted to blame publick transit, but fack wuz, everbidy wuz stuck on this side of the hudson till they gut the acksident cleard up. ifn i hadda had a car, i wooda been stuck in it in sted of the bus.

so i am a'gone leave out early agin today sos i kin do my power agenda.

btw, i menchund bout yesterdy bein comp day at goodbank whar i wurk. twuz a site to see. as generly happens, them that gits the most also gits the most upset (far as i could tell, n my evidents is all aneckdotal). sum of em even big winners thats made plans to splain that they wuz dun rong n needs more.

i dint have no cumplaints on a counta tiz a blessin to have a job at all after bein sick so much this year lack i wuz. my overall comp, as they say, went down frum last year, but i still aint gut no cumplaint. fack is, i wuz sprized to git innythang on a counta how i wudnt eggspeckin nuthin.

even so, i know fer a fack that thays a slew of bankers n such who wooda been insulted by a bonus that wuz 100 times as much n thays lackly sum that gut 1000 times as much.

whut makes me wonta laff sumtimes is how sum of them folks is still sad n feelin putt out, even to the point of badmouthin thar firm.

tiz proof that thay aint no such thang as a nuff when ye are trine to store up riches.

durin sum of them migraines i sufferd this year, i real eyesed that the true treasures in life cum frum the birthdy presents everone of us gut on our verr furst birthdy: hands, fangers, eyes, heart, feet, ears, waterproof skin, yew name it. thems blessins ye caint buy, not even with the best bonus inny banker ever gut. n we gut em fer free along with the luv of our own mothers n fathers.

how kin ye beat that?

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Anonymous said...

you gotcher pryoritees rite, BD.

Anonymous said...

Yes sir you are right about the entire gift of having a life is the blessing. When I get the feeling of loss/grief I try to remind myself of the facts. I was just awake one day and it cost me nothing, life is all gain. I have developed a Jed-ism for it that sounds dark but means it is a good day to be my normal manic way.

"I was born one day in a pool of piss and blood and every day since has been better than anything I remember before that."

Omni said...

Why is it that the sweetest people always suffer the most... and have the best attitudes even so?

Have a healthy and pain-free season, my friend!! xo