Thursday, December 14, 2006

early days of buddy don:

a while back i writ bout a habit i have at wurk, witch i putt out a daily agenda n give a daily dollar to whoever wins on a given day. this mornin i am havin whut i call 'power agenda' on a counta the prizes is bigger ($13 fer furst, $7 fer secunt, n $5 fer thurd, given everbidy a chants to win ifn they win power agenda) n tiz sorta lack them power lottos they have. thonly reason i am a'ritin this now is to splain why i gut to leave out early this mornin sos i kin git it ready.

it should be a fun way fer folks to spend whut they calls 'comp day' in the wall street bizness, witch thats the day everbidy gits thar 'numbers,' witch that means they find out whut thar year end bonus is a'gone be.

once them numbers starts a'cummin out, thay aint hardly nobidy that wonts to wurk. in sted, everbidy sits round talkin bout how bad they wuz dun or whutever on a counta nobidy wonts to add mitt they gut em a good bonus on a counta thays otherns that dont git nuthin.

i am one of the luckier ones, tho, since i gut the best bonus ye could possibly have, the luv of my life in miz bd, my health fer the moment, n a good job even tho i been sick more this year than i ever wuz in life befor. fer me, a zero bonus is a positiv thang on a counta i coulda been putt on long-term disabilty or even putt out on the street, but goodbank whar i wurk aint lack a lot of them other banks or corporayshuns.

tiz a nuther proof that god cuntinues to bless the undeservin.

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Anonymous said...

Man it is good to hear a fella counting his blessings!