Tuesday, December 12, 2006

pallgies of buddy don: caint thank of nuthin to blog bout

tiz one of them mornins whar i caint git started. caint say whut tiz, tho thays a temptayshun to blame that depakote i been a'takin. since i started it nigh onto two munths ago, i have putt on 13 pounds. seems lack my stumach has dun turnt into a bottomless pit. sum folks tells me thats ok on a counta me bein on the thin side to begin with, but it still dont sit rite with me. this mornin i couldnt even button my shirt collar.

tiz simple to fix: quit eatin so much. but i half to add mitt, tiz grate when everthang tastes so good.

i aint cumplainin. ifn that stuff keeps them migraines away, witch they been a'doin that even when i have had sum tuff trigger events n thought i wuz halfway thar, well, ifn it duz keep em away, then i will ackcept the weight, even ifn i druther not have it.

mayhap tomorrow thangs will cum out rhymin agin!

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