Wednesday, March 26, 2008

pitchers tuck by buddy don: strollin n trollin in man hattan

i have bin meanin to anser a comment buck made a while back whenever i posted a pitcher of a wooden injun n menchunned how i wuz sprized to find such thangs on the streets of man hattan. as always, he asts a purty good questchun that leads ye to thank a bit moren ye mite otherwise:
Reminds me of that Seinfeld episode.

But you know, I have never known what it is that is offensive about wooden Indians. I have always thought they were kinda neat looking.

Why is a wooden Indian offensive but a ceramic Buddha is okay?

Just askin'
thats a grate thang to ast n i wood anser it thisaway based on knowin a passel of natives (sum of em are famus, witch ifn i ever git roun to finishin life n pinions of buddy don, hillbilly, i will menchun em by name) ...

whenever it cums to them statchews of buddha, theys made by buddhists as a means of honorin gautama buddha. they wudnt made by folks that aint buddhists lookin to make fun of em or add vertise products a'usin em, witch folks that aint buddhists duz other thangs with em. not only that, but most of them images of buddha are idealized n made to make im look purty good, idealizin sum of the aspects of his careactker.

taint the same with wooden injuns. fer lots of folks, theys the tipicull stereotype of natives, not real n not true to life (purt near ever native i know looks lack a black amurkin). this here articull eggsplains it purty good. as one native eggsplained it to me, he dont lack the way the statchews make it seem that they aint even real humans. havin sed all that, bucks point stands in that thays a minny of em thats beeyootifull.

now fer sum of my attempts to lasso the passin herds with my camras digital rope ...

grim faces on the passin herd ...

street vendor ...

hangin out on 8th avenue ...

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Buck said...

Thanks for answering the question Buddy Don. It just goes to show that it is very possible to offend somebody when that is not your intention at all.

purt near ever native i know looks lack a black amurkin

I am so glad to hear you say that. My great-grandmother was 100% Cherokee and I once noted that she looked extremely African to me much to the horror and dismay of some of my kin. Again it just goes to show how easily it is to offend folks that you have no intention of offending.

Thank you very much for the article. It covers the subject very well.

I really try to be sensitive to the feelings of others but I sometimes forget that most folks don't have the warped sense of humor that I have.

In life the choices seem to be that you can laugh or you can cry and I usually choose laughter even and especially if it is laughter at myself.