Thursday, March 13, 2008

mizry of buddy don: a short reeport

me n miz bd seen the weather changer a'cummin on us, witch it hit on sundy as skeduled. i wuz on the fone to mama whenever i gut to whar i couldnt make the wurds i wuz trine to say cum out of my mouth or even git into it, witch thats sumthin name of aphasia that is a precursor i git ever now n agin.

i bin havin migraines since, each day a'gittin a lil wurser till yesterdy i couldnt hardly stop vomitin, witch miz bd gits me up in the bed n dont let me go vomit n that heps me git past havin the urge. she duz sum reiki on me to hep me drift off to sleep. it gut bad a nuff fer me to take imitrex yesterdy, witch i try not to take them thangs on a counta they seem to cause rebound migraines the verr nex day.

miz bd gut the newrallgist on the fone n he gut a scrip fer steroids on its way long with a nuther drug n sum oxygen to use nex time i am feelin the effecks.

i will cummence to takin em this mornin, n twont be a secunt too soon on a counta i wuz up half the nite trine not to vomit agin. miz bd tuck keer of me as per usual.

pee ess: tuz a awefull way fer miz bd to have to cummence her birthdy, witch tiz our anniversry as well.

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Anonymous said...

Hi Buddy Don,

Hope you feel a little better today. Happy Anniversary, and Happy Birthday to Miz BD. Going to pursue a little reiki from your inspiration.

Take Care!

Tennessee Jed said...

It ain't fair, a nice feller like you having this affliction.