Friday, March 07, 2008

pitchers tuck by buddy don: frum a toy store

this past weekend, we wuz lucky a nuff to git a visit frum my niece n her husbin, witch they wuz in town sos he could have a innervue over at f.i.t. fer a spot in thar progrum fer toy deevelopers. hes about to git his batchler of fine arts degree n wonts to wurk in that field, witch thay aint no better place to doot than f.i.t. as ye kin planely see, they gut art rite in frunt of the place:

so twuz that we had us a grate time a'goin to places lack fao schwarz n toyz r us.

one of the grate thangs bout them toy stores is how they let ye take pitchers inside of em, witch most places dont allow that.

lego our liberty!

this feller wuz a'moovin aroun lack he wonted to attack n eat ye, but i saw a lil gurl with her mama thar, who the mama sed to the lil gurl, 'watch out fer that dinosore!' n the lil gurl, mayhap she wuz five years ole, anserd, 'oh please, he aint real.'

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Lydia Gwyn said...

What great photos! We miss NY and you guys already. Can't wait to come back.