Wednesday, September 05, 2007

pomes of buddy don: Over There

Over There

It’s true we’d rather fight them “over there”
Than have to face their evil “over here,”
And yet a bit of math leads to despair
Since “over theres” are everywhere you peer.

We missed one in Afghanistan and let
Osama bin Laden slip through our fingers,
Which meant another “over there” to get
In Pakistan where safely he still lingers.

We added Iraq to our “over theres”
Although ‘twas fifteen Saudis who attacked
But Mecca has us bound in oil’s snares –
With payments for their crude we still react!

With far too many “over theres,” it’s clear,
Our wisest move is defense over here!

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1 comment:

Tennessee Jed said...

I wish I knew why it is clear to folks like us who are not military or professional politicians.

Very nice wordsmithy by the way.