Thursday, September 13, 2007

pitchers tuck by buddy don: a cruise deepartin frum man hattan

sumday mayhap me n miz bd will be on one of them cruise ships we see leavin out ever now n agin. this heres a pitcher of one of em ...

but meanwhile, we gut a truly fantastick vacayshun a'cummin up: we will be flyin off to ireland cum sundy, witch we plan to be thar nigh on to two weeks. thays minny a thang plannd fer us thar: trip on a bog train to cut sum moss peat, witch we generly call it peat moss round here, a tracter pullin contest, lots of hikes n sites to see ... but as ye mite speck, them aint the main reasons we are a'goin.

no the mane reason is sumthin we woodnt miss fer the world: loretta n paddys a'gittin hitched! n we will be thar to do our part. fack is, miz bd will be a'walkin loretta down the aisle on a counta lorettas daddy dun passed away back in 2001.

tiz my plan to do a lil bloggin frum over thar, witch loretta has dun scoped out a place whar a bidy kin make a post now n agin.

my mane problem? i dont thank i gut a nuff storage fer all the pitchers i am a'plannin on takin ... but thats bout as good a problem as a bidy kin have ...

heres hopin that yer havin ye a grate day today!

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red molly said...

Hope you and ms. bd have a wonderful trip and Jessica and Paddy have a beautiful wedding day.

Here is what Mr. Red Molly is using for photo storage for our trip which I am sure you already know about this kind of stuff:

Corsair/flash voyager GT - 8BG
about $150...
he got worried that wasn't enough storage to hold the zillions of pictures he plans on taking and he also bought this

LaCie 80 GB Rugged All-Terrain External Hard Drive about $96

buddydon said...

thankee fer them reckomendayshuns, ma'am! i gut a smugmug account, but i lack the idee of that eggsternull drive better, so ifn i kin find me one today, i will pick i up.

i caint hardly wait to git thar!

Buck said...

I am almost as excited about your trip as you are Buddy Don.

I really hope you can put up a picture or two while you are over there and then put up every one of them when you get back.

Ya'll be careful and have a wonderful time.

Realist said...

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Anne Johnson said...

Please say howdy to them bored gods and goddesses over thar fer me. Even tho I aint got nary a drop a Arish blood, my people did live thar for awhaal in the 1600s.