Tuesday, September 11, 2007

pomes of buddy don: Someone Else's Problem

Someone Else's Problem

A scant six years ago this very day
We were attacked upon our native soil –
It’s true we let the culprit get away
But he hid in a land that had no oil!

And yet we know we’re doing the right thing
Since in his video bin Laden said
That right there in Iraq we’d feel the sting
Of losing where we chose to fight instead.

And so another FU's ante’d up –
Six months more to show what we can do –
And if we come home like a wounded pup
The blame will tar someone who's not Bush Two!

Same old, same old, same old: why get upset?
And yet I can't compose the last couplet!

[update: i dint much lack that thisn cum out without the 14 lines a sonnet orta have, so i tacked on a endin that splains why i couldnt finish the last two lines. i also fixed the 12th line sos it wurked a lil better.]

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Anne Johnson said...

History will be the final judge of Dubya and Dickie, and it ain't gonna be pretty. They won't be up there with Hitler and Goebbels, but they'll win, place, or show on the moron list.