Thursday, October 02, 2008

waka of budouadana: bof sides now

everbidy knows that the news has evolved to a higher form whar them news talkers on tee vee dont know whuts true n whuts not. so insted of findin out n reportin it, they call it 'news' whenever they git folks on eethur side of a topick to cum into the studio nflap thar gums on whutever they claim is the case.

me n miz bd lack to thank of it as the 'bof sides now' method of pertendin to deeliver news. tiz a artifishull fite on main street, witchh everbidy knows is innertainment that caint nobidy reesist.

so heres a cuple waka writ with the idee of how ye mite have the news deliverd in waka ifn them tee vee talkers wuz ever to take up the issue of theevil weed based on whut it ackshly duz to a bidy that smokes it (n i know bout how it feels on a counta i dun smoked my fair share back in collidge). we dun alreddy know it dont make ye crazy on a counta ifn it did, half the folks in amurka wood be crazy (or mayhap thay is?). innywho, heres a cuple of waka, bof sides of the topick, agin n fer.

After I get high
It is not foolish madness
That poisons my life,
But sensual contentment,
Laziness and lack of will.

Getting high can help
Silence that inner critic
Who jeers at the urge
To be fully creative,
Thus freeing the muse to speak.

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