Wednesday, October 22, 2008

pomes of buddy don: What Voters See

What Voters See

Once more the same old arguments are made
As left and right line up this year to fight
With each side’s “fairness” a bald masquerade
That barely even tries to be polite.

A voter on the right has to believe
That middle names and inexperience
Should trump good judgment and what’s been achieved
By brains and drive and uncommon good sense.

A voter on the left must live in fear
That voters will be cheated by machines
Of business men who want to engineer
A victory by artificial means.

How silly are those who would disagree:
All voters see just what they want to see.

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putzina said...

America's election system has been a laughing stock in the world ever since 2000. The Democratic primaries this year were also a joke. I have my strong doubts that the final presidential election will not be disputed. Come on America, we should be able to do this by now. But we can't.

I have mailed my absentee ballot already, but whether or not it or other votes are actually counted will always remain an unsolved mystery.