Thursday, October 30, 2008

joy of buddy don: them phils!

ifn yer a long time reader of this here blog, ye dun alreddy know i have been rootin fer them phillies since i wuz 8 years ole (1962). i cum to be a phillies fan one saturdy when thay wuz a game on the tee vee twixt the phillies n cubs. at that time, i had more baseball cards frum them two teams than i had frum inny other team. i had been a'rootin fer the yankees up till then (in the south thay wudnt no team till atlanta moved thar over a decade later), but i wonted to switch to the nashnull league n quit rootin fer the yankees on a counta daddy kep sayin twuz easy to root fer a team that dint never lose.

so i deecided that whoever won that thar game, i wood root fer them. lucky fer me twuz them phils.

oh they have dun made me pay fer my loyalty time n time agin. i mite never wooda becum a fan atall ifn them phils hadnt led the league almost all year long in 1964 ere they had pullt off one of the gratest chokes of all time, witch lucky a nuff fer me, them mets dun em one better last year.

then thay wuz 1980, when they won it all n i figgerd thay wood probly win a cuple more worl serieses after that, but twernt to be. by 1983, thay wuz bein calld the wheeze kids n them baltimore orioles proovd they dint have a nuff to win agin.

then in 1993, durin a time of grate personull grief (witch i will eggsplain by and by), they wuz beat by toronto whenever wild thang (thar reliever) made a grate pitch that joe carter hit over the left field wall, witch twood be the walkoff homer of the hole series.

i wuz afraid to say much bout my hopes this year (dint wonta janx em), but they finely cum thru.

i caint say why a bidy feels good whenever thar team favert wins one, but tiz a verr nice feelin. it dont fix nuthin. dont really matter much cumparrd to whuts a'goin on with the economy n such.

but it do feel good!

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