Wednesday, May 28, 2008

revues of buddy don: wii fit

this caint be a hole revue on a counta i wonta git my daily yoga in on the wii fit.

but my frien red molly menchunned in a comment that she dint know whut a wii fit even wuz, so i figgerd the lease i could do is say a few wurds bout it n give ye a lank or two.

it cum to pass a while back that them kids wint together to git me a wii fer my birthdy back in januwary. twuz fun fer a while, but i gut a lil bored with it on a counta i couldnt git nobidy to play it with me (tiz much more fun to play thangs together). miz bd wuz willin to play, but never rite then.

so whenever mothers day wuz a'cummin up, them kids gut together agin to pre-order miz bd the wii fit balance bord, witch ifn ye foller that lank ye will see nintendos launch presentayshun.

tiz a lot more fun than inny other video game i have ever played, witch that probly tells ye more bout me than them games. but thisn is so much fun i caint wait to play it.

way it wurks is simple. ye git ye a slab of plastick name of a balance bord, witch it kin weigh ever lil movemint ye make. tiz broke up into four quadrunts n a'usin that it kin show ye whuther yer balance is good or not. tiz a grate thang fer yoga n other extra sizes that require keerful balance. thats grate on a counta otherwise ye mite could thank yer a'doon much bettern ye are. tiz verr hard jes to stand still n balanced in ever die-reckshun (frunt to back n side to side).

taint everbidy that lacks it on a counta it dont sugarcoat nuthin. but tiz lodes of fun!

now i am off to git in at lease 15 mints of yoga.

btw, my muscles is sore everwhar thays a muscle! but tiz a good kinda sore ...

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red molly said...

Thanks bd for the explanation and links. This is going on my wish list.
Take care!