Friday, May 30, 2008

pitchers tuck by buddy don: whut a differnts a rif makes

heres a cuple pitchers lack them i posted tuther day bout that daily trudge to wurk. mane differnts here is thay wuz a rif of lots of folks that wooda bin in the verr same trudge ifn they hadnt bin let go. mayhap ye kin see a lil more life in the steps of these folks on a counta they know thar lucky to be trudgin to wurk!

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Tennessee Jed said...

That last one looks very industrial and grim.

Not at all your a remark on the quality of your fine work except to say you captured a shadow of a dark America.

Buck said...

Yeah. I bet you can really see life in their steps coming out of the place on Friday afternoon!

And the last photo does look kinda like a shot out of a Pink Floyd movie. They look kinda like they are on their way into the meat grinder.