Thursday, May 08, 2008

pomes of buddy don: God’s Great Exception

God’s Great Exception

We must accept that we are not the same
As all the rest of the world’s little states,
And that is why we can’t be held to blame
Or forced to obey quaint treaty dictates.

We're also God’s chosen, as history shows,
When God helped us wipe out the natives we found,
For they were to blame since they chose to oppose
Our manifest destiny: This is our ground!

When God gave us slaves to help us to build
A nation of freedom unlike all the rest,
Our glory was simply God’s great plan fulfilled:
When we set them free, we proved we were blessed!

To think we’d do wrong is to fall for deception,
For God made our country His own great exception!

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Buck said...

Made me think of the song "With God On Our Side" by Bob Dylan.

God's Exception. It is startling how many people in this country actually believe that.