Wednesday, April 05, 2006

pitchers tuck by buddy don: gone fishin

today so far is a good day. or mayhap twood be better to say that tiz a good moment n i hope fer the nextn. innywho, since i am feelin a lil better today but still kindly hungover frum yesterdys migraine, i been fishin thru sum of the pitchers i have tuck of our african cichlids.

by the way, tiz awful hard to git a good pitcher of a fish. fer one thang, thar movin all the time. that means ye git a slew of pitchers that aint gut nuthin in focuss. ye also git pitchers of fish in chaos, lack thisn:

african cichlids in tipicull chaos

fer a nuther, they know whuts a'gone on n dont always wonta cooperate. they lack to watch whut yer doin, witch that means ye git em head on n caint git much of em in focuss. heres bidshicka, witch we had im nigh onto five years, the oldest we ever had, n ye kin see how he wonts to see whuts up. he wuz jes takin a nap whenever i gut thisn:

african cichlid name of bidshicka

but ye also git yer keepers ever now n agin. heres a few.

african cichlids -- elvis is (purty bright fish) with two blue zebras

african cichlids -- paleface n otherns

african cichlids -- paleface agin on a counta his pitchers easy to take

african cichlids -- the blue zebra in the upper lef is the subjeck

african cichlids -- ye kin git sum nice thangs by croppin. this is a cropt pitcher of paleface lookin strate on with his triple refleckshun

african cichlids -- heres the hole pitcher that crop cum frum

african cichlids -- bidshicka showin off, witch tiz hard to take pitchers without bidshicka trine to hog the spotlite. after all, he is the big fish in the tank

i am hopin everbidys havin em a good day or mayhap twood be better to say i am hopin that this good moment will becum a nuthern n keep on lack that fer a while. tiz a grate blessin to be alive!

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Anonymous said...

Glad you seem to be a little more up and around Buddy Don. I hope the good moments just keep getting better for you