Thursday, December 30, 2010

pitchers tuck by buddy don: tuther cat

ye mite could wonder whut gut me to makin entries agin. tiz purty simple. i am seein a psychotherapist, who lets call him Dr. L, n he thanks ifn i wuz to make a lil entry ever day, it mite could hep me git better. i half to add mitt, i have bin missin bloggin fer sum reason.

today i wonta innerduce Kimono, a cat whose mama musta bin a calico n whose daddy musta bin a tabby. shes gut a lil of both colors, witch makes her rite nice.

heres a pitcher of her on a emery cat we gut fer Miss Liberty, who she never used it even once, but Kimono tuck it fer her place n lacks to sleep on it durin the day:

thankee to all that have bin so kind as to make a lil commint, witch that wood mean Geekman n bile.

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