Wednesday, December 29, 2010

pitchers tuck by buddy don: them cats

i promissd yesterdy that i wood putt up a cuple pitchers of them other critters besides Kingsley that lives with us. furst up is a verr speshul yung lady name of Miss Liberty. we gut her frum the Liberty Harbor Animal Shelter, witch miz bd tuck it into her hed that ifn we had us a cat, mayhap Kingsley wood have a lil more innerestin life. he wuz born in a puppy mill in South Carolina n saved by a verr fine yung lady, who she wuz drivin by a kill shelter when she deecided to check fer inny dogs n found thay wuz 17 of em waitin to be "putt down." she saved em one n all, n Kingsley wuz our lottery winnins as a reesult. we call ourself rescuin him, but he is the one doin the rescuin.

Miss Liberty wuz a cat name of Ovid whenever she pickt me out as i wuz walkin thru the cattery at Liberty Harbor. caint say how she dun it, but out of a room full of nigh on to 200 cats, she reached out her lil paw n tuck my hart. dint even see no other cat that time n sed i wood take Ovid. turnt out Ovid was not a male, as they wuz a'thankin, but the most preschuss lil female ye ever seen. Kingsley made miz bd his person, as twere, n he couldnt have pickt a bettern since thay aint no bettern her. but Miss Liberty deecided i wood be hern, witch she follers me round lack a lil ducklin.

Aint she purty?

bein as how i aint bin up to doin much of nuthin, even takin pitchers, i will save pitchers of tuther cat, Kimono, fer a nuther day (i am a'hopin twill be tomorrow). thankee to Tennessee Jed fer his commint!


bile said...

Very cute.

Geekman said...

Keep posting, old friend. It's good to see you active on your blog again.