Friday, October 09, 2009

waka of budouadana: Darkness

In darkest hours,
The new day concealed by shade,
I wonder what comes,
Whether pain, love, even death —
All hopes and fears possible.


Anne Johnson said...

I ain't got much time to maself these days, but just wanna say I hope you find some answer to these my grains. As fer the snow on yer cheeks, well that there's a sign of wizdom, I woodn change it.

buddydon said...

thankee fer yer kind wurds. tiz my goal at the mint to git three daze in a row with no my grains, but i aint made that long since the furst week in july.

n thankee even more fer them kind remarks bout that snow, witch as ye probly know, tiz earnd!

Snottydog said...

Howdy BD. That's funny.., I had a freend growin'p dat ainsired to dat same neek name. Hee iz stud fer Beetch Dawg.., u noe.. liknz dem fee mail dawgz n all. Dat wuz whin I livd en Breestul, Tenusee yeers uh go. Enywayz.., walnut ta tell ye dat I veesit frum tim ta time zall.

I useta hav udder blogs an wit by d'fernt uzr names like Max Riffster, Butchmule, & Viking.., now itz jes Snottydog. I had pitbull named Bear whurz i gotzeet frum. He passd way May 19th n brok ma hart in two. Shur du mees em uh hole lot. Lik ma best freend evr wuz. Tak ker dat hedake BD. Hop ye fel btr sune.