Thursday, October 01, 2009

nitemares of buddy don: dreams that end in migraines

i bin havin lots of dreams here lately, witch most of em ends up in migraines. odd thang is how ever one of em is about dyin. taint everbidy that dreams bout thar own death (or the death of whoever they be in the dream), but that seems to be the sangle common elemint in all of em. heres the furstn that i kin recolleck:
i wuz lyin in my own coffin, witch thay wuz a slew of folks fixin to sprankle dirt over it. fer sum reason, thay wudnt no top on the coffin. i wuz trine to let everbidy know how thay must a bin a horribull miss take a counta i wudnt dead yet! twuz one of them dream sitchewayshuns whar ye wonta scream but nuthin will cum outta yer mouth.

whenever i figgerd thay wudnt no way to talk em outta buryin me, i deecided i wood settle fer em rearrangin my bidy in the coffin to whar my hed wudnt jammd up agin the left hand corner, makin my hed hurt so bad i couldnt ritely see.

i woke up in a near panick with a terrbull hed ake in the same ole place. made it to the bottom of our loft stairs in time to vomit in the wastepaper bin.
could be thays a lank between whut i am a'feelin (helpless, hopeless, deepressd) n them dreams.

tiz wurth investigatin, witch thats alreddy a'goin on.

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