Monday, December 01, 2008

pitchers tuck by buddy don: son of killer

thays four or five of ye thats been readin this blog long a nuff to member a crawdad name of killer. i putt him n a nuthern name of 'miz tenna' together n next thang we knew they had dun had a bunch of lil crawdads. i had red sumwhar (caint find it now) that the male dies shortly after matin, n that wuz the case with killer. miz tenna lasted a lot longer, but she passed away as well. the yunguns eat up the leftover shells, witch a crawdad that molts will eat its own exoskelton ifn taint ded.

innywho, the biggest of them yunungs is a crawdad name of rl. heres a cuple pitchers of im, witch ye kin see he is a ded ranger fer his daddy, killer.

finely, heres a lil waka bout whut they do:
Overgrown crayfish
Swell to split their skeleton
And crawl outside
Themselves to become renewed,
Consuming their broken shells.

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