Wednesday, November 12, 2008

pitchers tuck by buddy don: a questchun ast by fletch

a few posts back, one of my favert fotogruffers, fletch of smokies light, ast a questchun in the comments:
Ok I know you shoot from the hip, but you look really close to these folks. When the shutter makes a noise from your hip, do they turn and look at you? Every time I see these type pics the thought of getting punched or slapped in the face occurs. But, I get that thought just thinking of visiting NYC much less taking pics, being a southern country guy and all.
fack is, i am rite on top of sum of these folks n a bidy mite could wunder why they dont objeck to thar pitchers bein tuck. corse, thays a cuple thangs goin fer me in the city n its enviruns.
  1. thang number one bout the city is how tiz a verr noisy place, witch that means ye caint hardly here yerself thank, much less here a shutter a'goin off.

  2. corse, he wuz reacktin to sum pitchers tuck on the bus. shorely them folk wood here a shutter a'clickin off? but thang is, folks up in here dont lack to be in publick even when they are, so they shut everthang out by puttin ear plugs (or ear buds) into thar ears with the musick cranked up loud a nuff that at times, a bidy kin here it a'leakin out. so they dont never here nuthin else.

  3. then thays the fack that folks up in here know bout all them tursts wnaderin the streets takin pitchers to the point that they dont hardly thank bout it much

  4. beesides that, did i menchun how tiz loud up in here?
innywho, heres a few pitchers i tuck tuther day ...

furst, tiz a sine of the times how thays more homeless in man hattan all the time ...

thays a hole lot of waitin fer trains in this here town ...

a nuther way to git candid pitchers of folks is to take em through the plastick winnders twixt two train cars ...

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Deb @ Sugarfused said...

Interesting observation about how people are so tuned out to what's going on around them.

Lucky for you, though - you've been able to capture some great candid moments in the city!