Wednesday, November 05, 2008

amazement of buddy don: still pinchin myself

me n miz bd couldnt go to bed till we herd the winner announced, witch we caint hardly bleeve thangs cum out lack they dun.

tiz a grate day fer these here united states. i half to add mitt that i never thunk i wood see such a thang, but tiz a thang of beeyooty. i real eyes that the challenges are nigh onto impossibull, but thays more to a eleckshun than choosin policy: thays also whut it duz in terms of leadin us cultchurally.

n that whar we are a'gone change n thats the only change that really matters.

i seen this here mannikin in a store befor the eleckshun, but i dint wonta publish a pitcher of it till the votin wuz dun on a counta i dint wonta janx nuthin ...

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Anonymous said...

In what way is it a great thing? Because he's half black? The media apparently subcribes to the one drop theory because the refer to him as black outright as do many supporters. The obsession with the mans skin color is nothing less then bigotry. Some call it reverse racism. The headline this morning on CNN wasn't "Obama new prez" or "Socialist headed for Whitehouse" but "First African-American elected.". Had Obama been Italian whould it had read "First Italian-American"?

Or perhaps because he blathers on about "hope" and "change." Two of the best campaign words because they mean nothing. His platform is anti-progress, further attempts to ignore economic reality, and is increasingly socialistic and unconstitutional. He advocates a system which creates economic disparity and then advocates more intervention to redistribute the money they funneled to the connected and wealthy. Its not a real solution. It a bandaid on a bullet wound and an increase in tyranny.

I fail to see how the complete ignoring of 48% of the voters, the continuing of a collectivist and biggoted mindset and the election of a man who's an outright enemy of freedom who holds contempt for the ideas this country was founded on is "great".

Aikäne said...

BD, they's a whole lotta pinchin' goin' on down here Florida way too. I bin predictin the outcome fer goin' nigh onto two years now, but it tuk lotsa faith, prayer and hard werk to make it hap'un (and bringin the yard signs nite after night cause the so-called "patriots of the nite" hated seein'em so much).

So no way today we'z lettin' the flea-bitten mad dogs of hate and long division diminish the hope that our beautiful America has embraced in 2008.

Long live democracy, freedom and hope for a brighter tomorrow!

Tennessee Jed said...

anon, you are so very misinformed. How do you think Gore voters felt in 2000? How in the world could you say that President-Elect Obama does not want freedom, when he has been a senior lecturer (not too far from a tenured professor) on constitutional law at one of the country's best law schools?

White or Black, B. Obama is the smartest in the most appropriate way for the job of president we have elected in my lifetime.

Have you noticed the rest of the world has been a little more peaceful since the days before and after the election? The whole world is feeling a bit more hopeful, now that war profiteers no longer hold all the cards.