Wednesday, September 03, 2008

empty hed of buddy don: i gut nuthin

i dun spent my hole mornin readin bout the latest soap opry, thisn bout the sainted mccains purrfeck choice fer vice presdint. shows he kin thank with his gut ever bit as good as the grate george w.

ye gut to add mire a fambly woman that wood putt her fambly furst, git lodes of publissty fer her own dawter bein pregnunt out of wedlock (we cum a fur piece frum the daze when that other grate vee pee nominee, dan quayle, wuz attackin murphy brown fer her havin a child out of wedlock on a tee vee show, even tho thatn wuz made up n thisn is real).

sum folks mite could thank tiz a lil cold harted to wonta take a job as vee pee that dont leave ye hardly time fer sleep when ye gut a down syndrome child to raze n a nuthern that dint seem to git the point frum abstinence-only educayshun, not even frum her own mama (corse, she wuz a'follerin her mamas eggsample, not her preechin on the topick), but when yer facin the evil empire russia jes a few miles acrost the bearin strates, ye gut to larn to be cold harted!

fer them kids of hern, she kin hope her husbin kin stay outta truble n keep away frum a secesshunist party long a nuff to take keer of the kids. orta be a cakewalk.

as ye kin planely see, this lady is the best of all possibull vee pee choices, so all yer librul blogs n such, please quit yer badmouthin of this purty woman! she dun cum a long way, baby!

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Tennessee Jed said...

McCain seems to have picked someone for the competition more than the qualification. I have even seen a nickname "McSame" which seems to fit real well.