Monday, April 21, 2008

pitchers tuck by buddy don: folks shores luvs thar sprang blossoms

on saturdy i had a ackupunkchur sesshun, witch tiz grate to have a hour of peace frum the pain of whut i bin a'goin thru the past few weeks. i am a'hopin that the doctors kin find out sumthin frum the tests i bin thru n will be a'goin thru this evenin.

whenever that sesshun wuz over, i found miz bd in the waiting room. she had been a'wurkin in the mornin her ownself, so twuz a nice sprize to find her thar.

while i wuz feelin grate durin the ackpunkchur, twudnt long ere thangs wuz back to whar they wuz befor, with that dull ache on the left side of my hed. she sugjested a trip to the brooklyn botanick garden n since i had dun got to the point whar i figgerd i wood be suffern jes as much in one place as a nuther, it sounded lack a good idee to me.

i carry my camra purty much everwhar i go, so i tuck a few pitchers. twuz a verr purty day, the nicest one of the year so far, witch that meant thay wuz way too minny folks thar, but ye couldnt blame nobidy fer wontin to be thar (we wuz amung em!).

miz bd wuz a'tellin me she had seen a episode of martha stewart whar one of the gardners frum the bbg wuz on with sum cuttins of a cherry tree to give her. he eggsplaind how a cherry tree kin live fer round 100 years on its own but only fer bout 50 ifn tiz round a bunch of folks, witch folks luvs em to death, ye mite could say.

this furst pitchers of a magnolia, but ye kin see how folks is more or less luvin it to death ...

them cherry blossoms in the japanese garden blooms furst, so everbidy wuz up in thar almos to whar ye couldnt move, but i wuz able to git a cuple shots to cum out purty good, lack thisn here ...

n of corse, flowers aint thonly purty thangs that ye see at a place lack the bbg ...

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Tennessee Jed said...

I love how in the springtime that every landscape around here looks like a painting with vivid skies and hyper green colors with colorful flowers that pop out on top of everything.

Nice photos by the way, but you would be hard pressed to take a bad one with such awesome subject matter, unless you left the cap on the lens. Even a bad focus would look like an impressionistic painting.

Its a good day to be alive!