Wednesday, January 02, 2008

pitchers tuck by buddy don: which way is up?

i thank a lot bout health keer n medicine n how we run it here in this cuntry. we here lots of cumplaints bout how tiz run in other cuntries n they always tell us that ye caint git nuthin bettern whut we gut. ifn we dint live here, we wood half to wait longer fer hip replacement operayshuns, fer instunts. the fack that we pay more per persun than inny other cuntry n still leave 47 million out is sumthin ye probly aint spozed to notiss. but heres whut i do notiss: it takes 1.5 munths to git a poinment with my primary keer docter n even longer to git in to the newrologist. i spoze i could go to the emergentsy room, but i woodnt see my reglar docter thar.

so twuz quite a spize whenever miz bd showed me this story name of Czechs grumble at doctors' fees:
The Czech healthcare system undergoes a minor revolution on 1 January as patients are asked to pay a small fee each time they visit their doctor.

The move is part of a widespread reform of the health sector unveiled by the centre-right government.

It is far from popular - a number of leading figures are calling on Czechs not to pay up.

Czechs enjoyed free healthcare during four decades of communist rule and in the past 17 years of capitalism.

But from 1 January, Czech patients will be asked to pay 30 crowns (£0.83; 1.1 euros) for each visit to the doctor, and 60 crowns for each day spent in hospital.
thang is, vaclav (jacks partner) is in the czech republick rite now a'visitin. his dad had to have triple bi-pass surgry, witch everythang cum out jes fine. he dint half to pay nuthin n stayed in the hospitull fer a few weeks!!

lucky fer us, thangs is much better here: i jes filld out my flexibull spendin account fer nex year, witch i putt $3,000 in it on a counta havin migraines, witch they kin git eggspensive. n i gut to reemind myself everday of my life how i am truly one of the lucky ones!

makes ye wunder whuther we kin figger out witch way is up:

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