Thursday, January 03, 2008

mizry of buddy don: not how ye wood lack to cummence the new year

yesterdy we had one of them weather changes that i caint seem to take without havin a migraine. i am verr lucky in my new job on a counta my boss aint wurried bout whuther i am thar, long as i keep up with my wurk, witch i am a lil ahed of that, so he tole me to git on home (i figgerd i could tuff it out, witch so far that aint never wurked).

but the bad news wudnt cunfined to that. in sted, we larnt yesterdy that vaclav wuz denied his visa to return to this cuntry. this is a setback that we are fitin in the bes ways we know how. twuz grate to larn that jacks boss tuck it the bes way ye could hope fer by sayin he wood try to (1) git a immigrayshun lawyer n see whuther they couldnt hire vaclav sos (2) he kin git a wurk visa. turns out they need folks that kin speak slavonick langwages, witch vaclav has eggzellent english, czech, russhun n who knows whut else. the bes piece of this news is they dun it on a counta that lil cumpny caint magin gittin along without jack! we kin sartinly understand that our ownself.

so thays sum silver linins in all the bad news. i am hopin fer no migraine today, witch i dun cummenced to wurkin out a lil while back n that has hepped a lot, deespite whut happend yesterdy.

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red molly said...

Sorry to hear about your migraine and the bad news about Vaclav. Hope everything works out for Jack and Vaclav and the 'mizry' from your migraine is gone by now. Have you tried the neti pot?

Anne Johnson said...

you no whut? this here yar is startin out so badly i think im a-gunna go set on the porch an wait fer the mail. Cept its 2 damn cold on the porch and the house aint much better on accounta awl heat.

tiz a damn shame bout vaclav, we need more peeple, not less, in this cuntry whut kin actully speak moren one langage. i hope he gits the job.

an now lissen to aunty annies advise. u no this iz the timma yar when ye start gettin them migrains, so u pay tention when them lights start behaand yer eyeballs. dont be laak me (n most uther hillbillies 2) an just wait fer stuff to git better on its own, cuz damn if it never duz.

my mouse jes died, im a-usin the ole man's, an he's gunna want it when he gits home, so's ain't much ta do but go wait fer the mail. hope ye feel better by the taam ye git this.

Tennessee Jed said...

For someone I don't really know in the real world I wonder how you are every day, then I click and you are there.

As always I am wishing you well as well as those you care for and care for you.

Basegasket said...

Basegasket here friend of Jed. Hoping you got some relief from your head a pounding. tis the season to be in pain I guess. read about what I got for Christmas this year.

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