Wednesday, November 09, 2005

pinions of buddy don: the power n the pendulum

the furst eleckshun i member wuz in 1960 twixt kennedy n nixon. mane thang i member is how my parnts stayd up all nite long a'rootin fer nixon n whenever he finely add mittted he had lost, my mama started crine. they tride to eggsplain to me whut wuz so awful bout them dimcrats winnin, but i couldnt unnerstand it much.

by the next presidentchul eleckshun, i unnerstood a lot more but not that much – fack is, i purty much bleeved innythang my daddy bleeved n he wuz a goldwater publican. that eleckshun made mama cry even more, but daddy sed he figgerd thangs wood be all rite.

i had to ast him how could they? he splaind it thisaway. furst, he tole the one bout how power corrupts n total power corrupts absolutely, so he figgerd them dimcrats wood implode purty soon.

next he splaind bout that pendulum. it swangs bof ways n kin only go so far in one die reckshun ere it swangs back tuther way. it could only swang tords the left fer so long. then twood go back tords the rite, witch he figgerd it dun that whenever ronald raygun won.

mayhap that them publicans has dun been corrupted by havin absolute power. they aint even makin no sents no more: GOP Leaders Urge Probe in Prisons Leak:
Lawmakers from both parties immediately expressed misgivings about the request. Democrats pounced on it, suggesting that if the GOP leaders believe the disclosure of information on secret prisons deserves to be investigated, so does the leak of inaccurate intelligence on Saddam Hussein's weapons of mass destruction and White House officials identifying Plame as a covert CIA operative.

"There is plenty to investigate about the Bush administration's use and misuse of intelligence," said House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.). "The American people deserve the truth."

Rep. Christopher Shays (R-Conn.) said investigating the source of the prison article would be acceptable, as long as Congress also investigates the secret prisons themselves.

"If you want to investigate everything and not be selective, that would make sense," he said.

Sen. Lindsey O. Graham (R-S.C.) said: "Talk about not seeing the forest for the trees. The real story is those jails."

More generally, Republicans suggested it is unwise to pick a fight with the media over an issue that exposes so many political vulnerabilities for their party.

The emergence of the congressional leaders' letter came as a surprise to House intelligence committee Chairman Peter Hoekstra (R-Mich.) and Senate intelligence committee Chairman Pat Roberts (R-Kan.), both of whom said they learned of the request from the media. Roberts said that his committee "stands ready to be of service" but that he had "not received any marching orders from the leadership."
how is it wurkin out fer em? in new jersey, corzine whupped forrester. by the way, i called thisn in a innerview fer the local fox affiliate!

turns out i vote at the same place corzine duz, so whenever i cum out frum votin, a feller ast me wood i lack to be innerviewd? i tole em twuz ok n then dint say whut the wonted me to. they ast me who i voted fer n whuter i figgerd he wood win. i sed he orta doot in a walk. he ast me why n i sed he wuz a better man with a better campane n a better message. so he ast wuz i a homeowner, witch i wuz proud to add mitt it. then wuznt i upset by hi taxes? i tole him i wuz more upset by folks that dont unnerstand whut ye git fer yer taxes, witch i give im a few eggzamples of why tiz a bargain in my pinion. that wuz the end of the innerview n i dont thank twuz broadcast.

innywho, the presdint his ownself deecided he wood try to hep that publican in virginny, but it dint wurk.

should we be sprized that folks druther be governd by folks that bleeves in gummint than by folks that bleeves gummint is the problem n then tries to proov it ever chants they git?

finely, on a cumpletely differnt topick, after today i am a'gone be on vacayshun till november 28! we plan on visitin our mothers, one in tennessee, tuthern in ohio. i hope to keep on makin notes up in here, but i lackly will git a lil lazy.

n i kin hardly wait!

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