Friday, November 04, 2005

celebrayshuns of buddy don: evenin at keens

yesterdy wuz a verr hard day. i been hopin to take a vacayshun startin thursdy n goin on till the mundy after thanksgivin, witch i aint had no chants to take no vacayshun much this year on a counta bein so sick. but i wurk at goodbank, as i dun menchund a time or six, n they bleeves ye dont count sick days n ifn ye dont git no vacayshun, yer wurks a'gone suffer. i had dun offerd to give back my vacayshun days, but they woodnt here nun of it.

in spite of that, thays so much wurk to be dun that twill be hard to start that vacayshun on thursdy. then cums a new projeck to git dun befor the vacayshun. i wuz told bout it late in the afternoon when i dint have no energy lef. i half to add mitt, twuz hard news n i jes wonted to give up.

so happend that my irish frien micky had dun invited me n miz bd to dinner at keens chophouse with him n his wife to celebrate our closin on this condo.

twuz jes whut the docter orderd. fer one thang, micky is a master at how to do dinner. he has lodes of stories to tell, lacks to git folks together, lacks to drank good sangle malt scotch, yew name it. innywho, we gut thar bout 6:30 n started off by ordern us sum sangle malts. i gut a dram of lagavulin 12, miz bd gut sum 1979 port ellen, n micky gut sum glenfarcles 25. we sniffd em fer thar nose n swished em round in the glass fer thar legs n sipped on em fer the taste n finish. as we generly do, we passd em round on a counta all thays verr eggspensive n ye wont be gittin no more of sum of em: port ellens dun been closed n they dun quit bottlin lagavulin 12. bout the time we orderd dinner, i had dun fergut my trubles.

last few times we et at keens, i wuznt eatin no meat, but as ye mite could member, that ackupunkchurist tole me i wood half to change my diet ifn i wonted to bet them migraines. he sed by that he meant beef n lamb. so i gut to eatin it n whenever twuz time to order last nite, i orderd the chops keens is noted fer, the mutton chop. tiz about 3 inches thick in jes as tasty as ye could ever hope fer.

we then indulged in all that wunderful food n more scotch -- a glen scotia 17 fer miz bd n a caol ila unchill filterd 12 year fer me -- n sumhow we even squeezed in a lil deesert.

by the time we wuz back out on the street trine to flag down a cab, all my trubles seemd to have melted away.

thankee, micky, fer that fine evenin!

when i gut up this mornin, i seen this good news: amurkins is a'wakin up n finely notissin whuts a'happenin to thar cuntry! not only that, but one of amurkas bes pundits had im a fine articull bout who we are here in amurka n why we caint let our ideals git compromized. the pundits name is eugene robinson n the articull is Out of a Bad Spy Novel, witch i strongly reckommend ye go read the hole thang.

heres a pitcher of sum of them pipes they gut at keens. thays hunnerts of em, all sined by sum of the famus folks that dun et thar. i been readin isaac asimov lately, so twuz a treat to see he had dun et thar too!

keens chophouse pipes

i need to reemind myself when thangs looks hard how ye gut to count yer blessins!

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