Thursday, December 18, 2003

intrupted sleep of buddy don:

miz bd n me wuz woke in the middle of the night on a counta that speaker they gut in our apartment went off with a fella statin overn over agin bout 'yer attentchun please, yer attentchun please. a fire has been reported on yer floor, a fire has been reported on yer floor. please proceed to the nearst stairs n exit the bildin. do not take the elevaters. please proceed to the nearst stairs n exit the bildin. do not take the elevaters.' as ye kin see, this guy lacks to repeat hisself. twuz a nuff to kill our sleep n we dun jes whut he ast us even ifn twuz 2 am. we had to wait fer a hour or so till the firemen let us back up on a counta they dint find no fire, witch that wuz a blessin, but by time i finely woke up, thay wuznt time to do no proper bloggin fer the day. my pall gees fer that.

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Anonymous said...

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