Wednesday, December 17, 2003

pinions of buddy don:
now that we gut saddam, whos nex?

twood be nice to concentrate on gittin osama bin laden, but thatn mus not be all that importunt or else we wooda deadicated our mane effort n troop strangth on gittin him back whenever we wuz invadin afghanistan n throwin out the taliban. but lucky fer us, thays plenty of evil dicktaters to go after. here's five of em:

  1. kim jong-il of north korea on a counta how hes gut nuclear weppons n has killt or enslaved so minny of his own folk: Kim "lives like royalty in Pyongyang", Mr Bolton said, while "he keeps hundreds of thousands of people locked in prison camps with millions more mired in abject poverty, scrounging for food."
  2. robert mugabe of zimbabwe fer throwin out the jurnlists n killin or drivin out white landowners
  3. vladimir putin of russia fer his ackshuns in chechnya
  4. the saudis fer thar represshun of relijun n dissent
  5. wen jiabao of china fer represshun of relijun n dissent

corse, if we run out, thays plenty more, but jes gittin the folks who made this lis should keep us busy thru a cuple of eleckshun cycles. fer instunts, we could try to figger out whoevers responsibull fer the mass graves in congo, whar over 3.3 millyun folk have dun been killt since 1998, witch ifn ye figger thatn out on a calckulater, ye git bout 2/3 of 9/11 (over 1,800) per day.

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