Tuesday, October 28, 2003

pinions of buddy don -- book revu:
The Seven Pillars of Wisdom by T. E. Lawrence

thays a book that oughta be required readin fer all the folks involved in fitin or makin policies bout fitin in iraq or inny other arab cuntry, n that is that famus wurk by T. E. Lawrence, sumtimes called Lawrence of Arabia, name of The Seven Pillars of Wisdom (ye kin git ye one sent to yer door by clickin on the pitcher above). Ifn ye aint read it, ye oughta on a counta tiz a grate bit of ritin n it carries a message everbidy needs to read. fack is, ifn our presdint wuz a reader, thisn wood be a goodn fer him to read.

in case ye missed it, thisn covers the actchuns of the british troops agin the turks in the furst worl war. the brits had em this guy name of lawrence on thar side, n he wuz the genius who gut the arabs to thank bout two thoughts that folks seems to forgit nowadays. the furstn is he taught em that they needed to thank bout all arabs as a movemint or even as sumday havin a state. corse, thangs dint wurk out just thataway on a counta the folks with the mos power gut to rite the new borders, witch thats how we cum to have a cuntry lack iraq thats really three cuntries in one, a kurdish one n a shi'ite one n a sunni one. keepin them three together tuck lots of suppreshun n tortchur n violents.

ifn ye git this one concept, then ye kin git beyond thankin that if thars a syrian found fitin in iraq that the syrian gummint has innythang to do with it. a bidy needs to cunsidder at lease the concept that sum arabs still wont to thank of themself as one folk thats fitin them that wonts to take thar land n tell em witch borders to use n whut kinda gummint to have n so on.

mayhap ifn we had a cuntry with so much power they could jes waltz rite in here n take over, we wood see sum thangs a lil differnt. i hope we woodnt jes lie down n take whutever the invaders tole us to take. we wood be fitin back, mayhap to the las persun. n ifn they wuz insultin our tradishuns n doin thangs to us that we cunsiddered insultin to our elderly n wives n all, then we wood be verr mad. n tiz a greevus insult to a arab to show the bottom of the foot, so how kin they lack bein pushed down n havin boots put on thar necks?

mayhap tuther lessn that folks needs to larn is even more is the form of war lawrence taught them arabs to use. he figgered thar wuznt no way of makin the turks go away. they had the equipment n the numbers n yew name it. so they figgered they wood use the fack that the turks wuz stuck whar they wuz with long lines to provide provishuns n all. he figgered they could inflick maximum damage by keepin them turks whar they wuz n disruptin them with bombs n such till they gut to whar they couldnt git nuthin dun.

ifn thays inny arabs that member this tale, mayhap the figgered theyd let the coalishun troops in to git setup n then use the methods they larned frum lawrence to make em suffer n wonta git out.

by the way, i aint sayin we should git out. i aint smart a nuff to know the anser, but readin that book cunvints me that thars more to the opposishun than jes bitter-enders n terrists n such. thays sum folks thar that luvs thar cuntry of iraq n hates seein a bunch of forn troops runnin thar tanks n humvees thru thar streets. twood make inny of us mad a nuff to fite.

i know that whut i am sayin is agin whut our presdint wuz a'sayin jes yesterdy, n i thank he's makin a big miss take. he claims thays killin us n attackin us on a counta our bein free n brangin freedum to iraq. he thanks them folks attackin hates us fer makin progress. that dont fit with nuthin i know bout folks. they dont git into suicidal angry rages agin progress or freedum. they doot on a counta thays mad at bein invaded n havin thar women treated bad n thar old people n children killed by acksident. thays plenty of reasons to git mad a nuff to kill yerself in a attack, but our bein free aint one of em. ifn we wuz free n stayin in our own back yard, they woodnt have no reason to attack us.

a nuther thang i should make clear n that has to do with whut i rote tuther day bout christchun soldjers. i aint claimin to be no christchun. far frum it. mayhap i could make it sumday, but so far, i aint thar. but i do bleev that ifn yer a christchun n ye really wonta follow christ n they way he dun, then ye jes cant support killin, no how, no way.

tiz part of the reason friedrich nietzsche wrote them lines bout 'god is dead. the christchun god is unworthy of bleef.' he had plenty reasons fer sayin that, but one of the mane ones wuz how tiz a pacifist relijun n he bleeved twuz importunt to be able to kill n defend yerself n yer idees n bleefs. lots of folk thank that. tiz an oversimplificayshun to state it thisaway, thou it gives ye a idee of why he sed it. he wuz also cuncerned bout how christchun moralty made slaves of folks n he bleeved thar wuz a higher order of human possibull. i aint a'gittin into that argumint, but lots of folks that luvs the second amendment n carryun dedly force mite like readin nietzsche.

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